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Camel Trekking and Safaris Tips

Many travelers have questions about this unique experience and how to best prepare for a camel trek.

How many hours I will be on the camel?

During your journey on the camel safaris you will have about 1-1:30 hours camel riding through the sand dunes, while going slow you will have opportunity to stop for a break, for photos… with a request to your camel guide.

What do I need to pack?

You will need a flash light, because the camp does not have lights as they use candles to make the experience more authentic and once in a lifetime.

Sleeping bag: Is it necessary?

If you wish you can bring it with you, but in the camp there are beds and blankets to keep you warm as our team will take good care of you, providing you with an exceptional service.

Shoes and pants?

You should have some shoes that are suitable for a walk in the sand dunes, ideally they should be closed so you don’t need to worry about the sand getting inside them! Also jeans are a good choice to wear while on you are on your camel so you don’t have any painful chafing.

Suncream and sun Glasses?

Very important to have them both because of the sand storms which happens sometimes or even a light wind makes the sand hurt your eyes. Suncream will protect your skin from sun burns, in addition to this we will provide you with a turban to cover you face and hair from the sand as well.

Contact lenses?

Not advised. Please if you have them try to remove them and put on glasses because the air in the desert can be dusty.

Bottle of Water?

Please before you mount your camel make sure you have enough water with you; one bottle each is fine.

Is the Tent Private or Shared?

Of course every couple has a Private Room tent to sleep in, if you’re a family the kids will share one and the parents will have a private one, or if you wish you can also sleep under the stars.

Our Camel Treks leave from Hassi Labied village located 4 km before Merzouga center . Camel trekkers arrive at the village by car, rental car or bus (we will collect you at the bus station), and we provide a secured parking for vehicles. From here, we prepare for a late afternoon departure, so travelers should plan to arrive at the village at least two hours in advance.

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