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Tour 4x4 in Merzouga Sahara desert

This will begin in the village of Merzouga or at your hotel/guesthouse. We’ll explore the dunes in a 4x4 across the sand of Erg Chebbi heading west towards Merzouga lake where we’ll be greeted by brilliant views of the lake and dunes on the horizon. We will continue south to a village called Khamlia, inhabited with Gnawa people who originated in West Africa and migrated to Morocco. We’ll take a break here with tea and listen to their music, after we’ll explore the abandoned mines of Mfis.

We will then take a Dacar Rally track towards Galb Nass mountain, boasting incredible panoramic views of the Black Desert, roughly 50km between us the Algerian boarder. Following the rally track we’ll make our way to Merdani, the original place of the Nomadic Berber families. Continuing north we’ll head back towards Merzouga to finish the trip.

Never stop exploring!! .

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